Business Law
Our business law lawyers practice in the area of corporate and commercial law, working with our business clients and their professional advisors on various business transactions, such as incorporation (including Professional corporations and PRECs), partnerships, family trusts, annual filings, shareholder agreements, shareholder additions and departures, amalgamations and reorganizations, corporate governance and succession planning.

Civil Litigation
Our litigation lawyers handle a wide range of general civil litigation including commercial and contract disputes, corporate disputes, collections and other matters.

Construction Contract Law
With decades of experience in construction law and litigation Augustine Bater Binks review and advise clients on all sizes of construction contracts, from small home renovation contracts to major development and infrastructure project contract documentation. Our services include the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, contract updates and the clarification of parties’ rights, powers and obligations.

Estate Litigation
Our lawyers have acted for clients involved in a wide variety of estate disputes, involving the management of a person’s property and finances both before and after death and a person’s care while incapable. These disputes have included the use and misuse of Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, Will challenges, beneficiary complaints or challenges and family law claimants.

Family Law
Our lawyers handle all manner of family law cases with a particular emphasis on financial matters such as income determination, business valuation, child and spousal support and the calculation of net family equalization. Our lawyers are experienced and highly effective family law practitioners including one Family Law Specialist.

Will, Power of Attorney and Estate Law
Our lawyers can help you plan your Estate and assist your parent in planning their Estate to minimize taxes, provide for specific family members’ special needs, and ensure your or your parents’ wishes are carried out. We have created both simple and advanced estate plans depending on our clients’ needs and wishes.

We also help executors and administrators deal with the proper administration of the estates of their loved ones, particularly in special situations such as intestacies ( where there is no Will), insolvent estates with more debts than assets, or estates with foreign beneficiaries or assets.

Our estate lawyers can also assist clients who find themselves having to assume the management of their parent’s financial and personal care issues when their parent is no longer capable of doing so themselves, or whose physical or mental capacities are diminishing.

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