“Estate Litigation” refers to a wide variety of legal disputes that can arise in connection with the management of a person’s property and estate, both before and after death.

The lawyers at Augustine Bater Binks have many years of experience in handling and resolving many estate litigation cases including:

  • Will challenges, including disputes over mental capacity or undue influence
  • Disputes over the appointment or removal of an Estate Trustee
  • Complaints by beneficiaries about the administration of an Estate and distribution of the money and other assets
  • Complaints by family members or others about the use or misuse of a Power of Attorney for Property or Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Competing powers of attorneys
  • Demands for a proper accounting from an Executor or from a person with a Power of Attorney
  • Disputes over compensation (fees) for executors and persons with a power of attorney
  • Family law Dependent Relief Claims
  • Passing of Accounts

Augustine Bater Binks has acted for beneficiaries, creditors and Estate Trustees. We have taken action to ensure that the estate assets aren’t being depleted, to ensure that the Estate is properly administered and even to have the Estate Trustee removed and a new Trustee appointed by the Court. Our lawyers recognize the profound economic and emotional significance of getting such disputes fairly settled as quickly as reasonably possible. Our goal is to work with our client to develop a strategic litigation plan and to make sound decisions so that you can achieve such a resolution while ensuring that your legal interests are preserved and protected.

Over the years partners Philip W. Augustine, Mary Jane Binks, Q.C,  and Craig M. Bater have had a great deal of success in resolving numerous estate litigation disputes for their clients in the Ottawa area.

Whether you are a testator, beneficiary, dependent, estate trustee, attorney under a power of attorney, an interested family member or someone with any proper interest in someone’s estate or care, the lawyers at Augustine Bater Binks can assist you and give you the advice, guidance and representation you need in these kinds of legal issues.

If you require assistance with any estate litigation matter, please contact us today by telephone at 613-569-9500 or by email at estates@abblaw.ca.

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