Augustine Bater Binks considers hiring one articling student every year.  While we do not always hire an articling student based on the needs of our firm and our current workload, we are interested in meeting prospective lawyers to see how they may fit into the Augustine Bater Binks team.  We thank prospective candidates for the 2020-21 year for their interest, but we have already hired an articling student for that period.

Articling at Augustine Bater Binks is a varied and diverse experience.  We involve our students in all aspects of a file.  Articling students meet with clients at the initiation of a file and follow-up to assist clients in preparing court documents.  Students draft pleadings, help prepare motion materials, and draft our written submissions.  The research conducted by our articling students is often critical to our success in court.  We routinely have our students draft our submissions based on the research they have completed.

Articling students are assigned their own files and clients  to manage and handle as well.  We expect that our students will make court appearances and may even get to do a trial (or more) in the Small Claims Court.  Our goal is to provide articling students with all the skills necessary to be a litigator upon the completion of your articling term.

We have no standard rotation system at Augustine Bater Binks.  Rather, you are shown all aspects of our practices.  Students can assist in the preparation of wills and powers of attorney, the incorporation of businesses, and the administration of Estates in addition to the litigation work we do.

Prospective candidates interested in articling with Augustine Bater Binks for the 2021-22 year are asked to submit applications to Jonathan Richardson, containing the following information:

  • cover letter;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • law school transcripts;
  • undergraduate transcripts; and,
  • references letters (if possible).

Augustine Bater Binks follows the Law Society’s deadlines for articling positions.  Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted in  to schedule an interview.  While we appreciate everybody’s interest, only candidates receiving an interview will be contacted at that time.

Should you wish to obtain any further information about potentially articling at Augustine Bater Binks, please call (613) 569-9500 or e-mail

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