Everyone should have a will and two powers of attorney, one for property and one for personal care. A will drafted in the context of a well-prepared estate plan ensures that a person’s assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes upon their death. Powers of attorney ensure that a person’s wishes will be respected while they are still alive but are incapable of making important financial and personal care decisions on their own.

Some wills are straight-forward, while others can be more complex. We regularly work with accountants and financial planners to draft a will taking all of our clients’ unique circumstances into account. We strive to minimize the potential tax and other liabilities involved to pass on the maximum estate to our clients’ beneficiaries. The will and estate lawyers of Augustine Bater Binks have assisted clients prepare wills involving issues such as:

  • creating a trust to ensure the needs of disabled children are met;
  • blended families;
  • corporate interests; and,
  • properties located outside of Canada
  • Our will and estate lawyers and experienced staff assist our clients to prepare a will which will meet their individual needs and circumstances.

Powers of attorney can be as important as a proper will. A power of attorney grants somebody you trust the authority to make financial or health care decisions on your behalf. It is important to have effective powers of attorney created so that should you ever be incapacitated or unable to make decisions, an individual of your choosing has the authority to make those decisions.

Augustine Bater Binks frequently prepares wills and powers of attorney at the same time to ensure your entire estate plan is up to date. Contact us by telephone at 613-569-9500 or by sending us an email at wills@abblaw.ca.

Estate Administration

On the death of a loved one, many people have no idea how to proceed with handling their affairs and making sure all assets are collected and debts are paid. Our team of estates lawyers help you handle both simple and complex estates. We help you collect the necessary paperwork and apply for any benefits which might be the property of the estate before helping you distribute the Estate.

It is common for financial institutions, pension plans, and government bodies to require you to be appointed an Estate Trustee by the courts before they will deal with you. We help you prepare the necessary paperwork to be appointed the Estate Trustee so that you can start to deal with the necessary institutions. We can help you obtain the necessary certificates and filings with the Canada Revenue Agency to bring the Estate to a close as well.

For information regarding an estate administration, please call (613) 569-9500 or e-mail estates@abblaw.ca

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