Construction law issues can arise in a variety of situations. Augustine Bater Binks LLP has assisted clients with the following concerns, among others:

  • Reviewing contracts provided to homeowners by contractors;
  • Preparing renovation & construction contracts for general contractors and homebuilders;
  • Preparing contracts for home inspectors to sign pre-inspection;
  • Assisting contractors collect fees they are owed;
  • Assisting homeowners to ensure their deficiencies are properly repaired and warrantied;
  • Assisting home builders and homeowners ensure their rights are properly represented in respect of Tarion, appearing in tribunals, arbitrations, and the courts; and,
  • Assisting mortgagees deal with constructions liens which have been registered against their assets.

The experienced lawyers of Augustine Bater Binks can assist you with any of the above scenarios. Our construction law team is headed by Jonathan M. Richardson who has over 10 years of construction law experience in Ottawa and throughout Eastern Ontario. Jonathan M. Richardson has represented contractors and trades requiring construction liens and owners defending against construction liens. He has represented homeowners and homebuilders in proceedings to enforce their rights with Tarion and has also acted for home inspectors at trial where their inspections have been called into question. Augustine Bater Binks LLP works with you to understand the legal issues you are facing, identify your legal options and work out a winning strategy to reach the most advantageous resolution possible for you.

Our lawyers understand the stress and frustration involved in construction litigation and the uncertainty it can bring to a business. We will also do what is necessary and appropriate to minimize legal costs and delay for you, including using alternative dispute resolution methods where feasible. If court proceedings are necessary or have already been started, we have the experience, knowledge, and skill to represent you or defend you and to achieve the most favorable possible outcome for you.

In addition to litigation, our lawyers work with home builders and homeowners to try and avoid litigation at the outset of problems. We review construction contracts with both contractors and owners to ensure that our clients are adequately prepared for unforeseen circumstances, such as contract disputes. Augustine Bater Binks also prepares contracts for both renovation projects and new home construction for home builders and contractors alike.

If you have a question regarding a construction law issue or dispute you may contact us by telephone at 613-569-9500 or by email at or by contacting one of our construction lawyers directly.

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