Augustine Bater Binks is well-equipped to handle all of a businessperson’s needs. We assist clients who are:

  • buying or selling a business;
  • incorporating a new company;
  • bringing new partners and shareholders into a business;
  • signing a lease or purchasing property for their business;
  • making financing arrangements; and,
  • considering a partnership or franchise

Our business lawyers help to ease the burden by ensuring our clients take the fastest and most practical route to success. We have helped many entrepreneurs who are just starting out as well as assisted large established corporations re-organize themselves. Here are just a few ways we can help.

We can:

  • complete business incorporations in a fast, accurate and properly organized manner;
  • develop shareholders agreements that ensure fairness for all interested parties;
  • review commercial leases to ensure clients are aware of what they are getting into before committing;
  • carry out business amalgamations and reorganizations;
  • review corporate structures to ensure smooth operations;
  • develop fair and practical partnership agreements;
  • ensure value and protect our clients’ interests during the purchase or sale of a business or franchise;
  • keep corporate minute books up to date, while helping keep government filings completed by the deadlines; and
  • help our clients develop practical and effective succession plans for their businesses.

We assist doctors, lawyers and other professionals create professional corporations. We work with each profession’s regulatory body to ensure our clients have the correct certifications needed to carry on their respective practices as businesses within business law. We work with our clients’ accountants to create a professional structure that is right for them and the unique needs of their various practices.

Our lawyers have also assisted not-for-profit corporations come into compliance with the new government regulations. All federal not-for-profit corporations are required to create new Articles and By-Laws to comply with the new regulations by later in 2014. As no two not-for-profit corporations are alike, we help prepare Articles and By-laws that meet each of our client’s individual needs while complying with the new government regulations. It is expected that similar regulations will be introduced for Ontario not-for-profits in the near future, so corporations should consider making changes soon.

For more information regarding compliance with Canada’s Not-For-Profit Corporations Act please click the following link to be redirected to an article authored by Jonathan M. Richardson:

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